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1-TDC Dual Action Periodontal & Joint Health

1-TDC Dual Action Periodontal & Joint Health

1-TDC® Dual Action is the only product that provides the option to support both Periodontal and Joint Health in one solution. 
Because 1-TDC® periodontal is very palatable,  the experience for your cat or dog is a positive one.  This is important as it significantly improves compliance in keeping your pet's gums healthy.

Healthy joints keep your little companions happy. Joint health is at the core of their mobility -- to play, go up and down stairs, or hop in and out of a car. Keeping joints healthy sustains their youthful spirit.  You owe it to them to provide our most advanced all-natural solution. 
Gum health is a major issue in cats and dogs.  It is reported that 80% of cats and dogs have a periodontal issue in some form by the age of three.  1-TDC® is a genuine periodontal breakthrough. It directly supports the gums, making it a unique and effective solution.  While many products help with tartar and plaque, 1-TDC® is now the industry leader that directly zeros in on the gums. The 1-TDC® technology is a true periodontal breakthrough that supports healthy pink gums in your cat or dog.         

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