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Natural Pet Science Slim'Dog Treats

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Natural Pet Science Slim'Dog Treats

Our hemp dog treats are a great alternative to meat-based snacks, combining the amazing health benefits of the sustainable ‘superfood’-source hemp and other unique ingredients, like protein-rich crickets, to give your doggo a fun and yummy treat to chew on.

  • Contains Hemp Protein, Hemp Flour, Cricket Flour & Hemp Oil
  • Helps with weight control
  • Increased protein
  • Contains L-Carnitine
  • Increased Fiber
  • Balanced Energy Level 

Hemp is a popular ‘superfood’ because of its extremely exceptional nutritional profile. Not only is hemp beneficial as a food supplement for humans, it’s also helpful for pet health, too. Dogs retain the same nutritional values from hemp as we do, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, protein, fibre, and other incredible and essential minerals that the body needs to stay healthy.

Insects make-up 80% of the planet’s biomass, which means they provide a viable and sustainable resource of food to supply protein and other nutrients to the body. Crickets in particular are commonly known as a delectable delicacy in many world cultures and has become increasingly popular among advocates of natural foods.

Direction For Use:
Dog Size Portion Size
2 to 22 lbs Up to 1/4 cup per day
22 to 55 lbs Up to 1/3 cup per day
55 to 70 lbs Up to 1/2 cup per day
70 to 100 lbs Up to 1 cup per day

Suggested serving sizes are based on normal health weight pets.