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Cat Teeth Cleaning Products

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1-TDC Dual Action Periodontal & Joint Health

It is a unique Dual Action product recommended for natural GUM & JOINT HEALTH for dogs and cats. These easy-to-use convenient 1-TDC Dual Action soft gels provide superb results. Administered orally, these 120 soft gel chews are ...

$47.44 - $69.18 CAD
Animora Cranberry Dental Gel

Cranberry Dental Gel improves oral health in dogs and cats by preventing bad breath and dental plaque buildup.

$11.32 - $21.89 CAD
Breathalyser Double Ended Toothbrush

$3.44 CAD
Breathalyser Drinking Water Additive with Green Tea

Drinking water additive for dogs and cats. With green tea extract. Helps fight plaque.

$9.13 - $14.98 CAD
Breathalyser Oral Cleansing Gel

BREATHALYSER is a pleasant-tasting, alcohol-free product that has been formulated by veterinarians to clean your pet’s oral cavity. Daily oral cleansing will help decrease bad breath & help maintain oral hygiene.

$19.39 CAD
Breathalyser Plus Drinking Water Additive

Reduces sources of halitosis, does not just mask bad breath.

$10.97 - $17.98 CAD
Breathalyser Toothpaste

Reliable and palatable toothpaste to help keep breath fresh, remove plaque build-up and promote healthy gums/oral cavity. Three uniquely developed formulas are available to improve compliance, chicken and mint.

$6.32 CAD
DentaChlor Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse

DentaChlor is an antiseptic oral rinse which assists in the daily maintenance of a healthy and pleasant smelling mouth in dogs and cats.

$12.74 CAD
Enzadent Dual-Ended Toothbrush

The Enzadent Toothbrush is a dual-ended toothbrush for dogs and cats. The bristles at either end are specifically designed to help remove food debris and plaque.

$4.41 CAD
Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste

Enzadent Toothpaste will help your pet become familiar with your hands in and near their mouth area

$8.91 CAD
Enzadent Fingerbrush & Toothpaste Kit

Enzadent Fingerbrush & Toothpaste Kit designed for dogs and cats includes a fingerbrush, and a tube of enzymatic toothpaste in poultry flavour.

$7.34 CAD
Enzadent Toothbrush Kit

Enzadent Toothpaste Kit contains dual ended toothbrush, fingerbrush, and 90g poultry flavoured enzymatic toothpaste.

$14.04 CAD
HomeoVet Oral Health

Oral Health, prevents tartar build up from pets

$14.95 CAD
Maxi Guard Oral Cleansing Formula

MAXI/GUARD Oral Cleansing Formula is veterinary dentistry's most effective oral cleanser and freshener for dogs, cats, horses and exotics in a user-friendly spray.

$28.17 CAD
Maxi Guard Oral Cleansing Gel

Cleanses the oral cavity, freshens the breath by helping eliminate odor-causing bacteria, and has superior pet acceptance in a one-step application. Alcohol Free. Natural Flavor.

$21.65 CAD
Ola Bamboo Bamboo Toothbrush

The OLA Bamboo’s toothbrush for Dog / Cat is an eco-friendly choice that’s also a good choice for your pet’s dental health.

$4.94 CAD
Raw Support Breath

The Breath Freshener that Works from the Inside Out

$17.02 CAD
Tartar Shield Cat Treats

For cleaner, healthier teeth and gums reward your cat with Tartar Shield Cat Treats.

$12.01 CAD
UbaVet UbaDent Dental Care Water Additive

UBADENT Dental Water Additive helps fight placque and tartar, reduces bacteria and freshens breath.

$10.83 CAD
Vetradent Dental Spray for Dogs & Cats

Vetradent Dental Spray features Biotrate™ technology that disrupts biofilms to help fight plaque, tartar, and freshen breath.

$20.59 CAD