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Cat Antiseptic Creams, Sprays & More

Explore our wide variety of high quality cat antiseptic solutions including creams and sprays & safeguard your cat from emergencies. Order now!
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AeroKat Feline Aerosol Chamber

The AeroKat feline aerosol chamber is a system that aids the formation of an aerosol cloud and helps to separate the large particles from the small (breathable) particles in the metered dose. Inhalation through the AeroKat FAC faci...

$89.21 CAD
Catit Magic Blue Air Purifier - Cartridge

Magic Blue efficiently reduces the ammonia inside the litter box, creating a safe and cat-friendly environment.

$5.16 CAD
Catit Magic Blue Litter Box

The Catit Litter Box series comes in a fresh white top on a dark base to camouflage stains.

$51.17 - $70.57 CAD
Charcoal-Kaolin Oral Paste

Active Ingredients: Each mL contains Activated Charcoal 100 mg and Kaolin 197 mg.

$7.73 CAD
Cothivet Cicatrizing & Antiseptic Spray

Aids in healing of sores and wounds in horses, dogs and cats. Helps in keratinization of hoof in horses.

$30.97 - $63.22 CAD
Dip Quick Stain Kit

Used to stain blood smears for cell differential counts and evaluation. Can be used for general diagnostic cytology.

$92.17 - $147.93 CAD
Feeding Tube 5 French

$5.73 CAD
Finger Cots

Medium or Large. Package of 144 cots. *hand not included

$4.95 CAD
Hilary's Blend Renal Recipes Cookbook

This cookbook has 42 canine recipes and 33 feline recipes all developed to fit the specific needs of your pet dealing with any stage of kidney disease.

$52.70 CAD
J-Lube Powder J109

J-Lube is a concentrated powder that dissolves easily in water and is a very effective obstetrical lubricant

$36.74 CAD
Jorvet Deluxe Clear Pill Splitter

'V' shape slot design, suitable for pills in different sizes Adopt stainless blade for cutting pills, more hygienic NOTE: COLOUR AND BRAND MAY VARY DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY. MAY NOT LOOK EXACTLY AS SHOWN

$25.35 CAD
Jorvet Pill Crusher

Pill Crusher for ease of medicating pets. Pets can have trouble swallowing pills. The Pill Crusher crushes pill into a powder that can be put into food or milk, making the medication palatable.

$7.22 CAD
Jorvet Pill Splitter

This pill splitter has a thin razor-sharp blade that cuts the pill cleanly. The “V”-shaped trough holds a variety of pill sizes. Lightweight blue plastic can be easily cleaned.

$12.92 CAD

Numerous veterinarians nowadays recommend the use of Diastix, because it helps owners monitor their pets’ diabetes at home, without having to constantly go to the vet. This simple and inexpensive alternative can be used by anyone.

$24.92 CAD
KittenGro Milk Replacer

For artificially rearing newborn kittens Allows for supplement feeding large litters

$34.99 CAD
KMR Milk Replacement for Kittens

Kitten Milk Replacer Food supplement for cats For kittens newborn to 6 weeks of age All natural with vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients

$18.80 - $54.85 CAD

Laxatone is a gentle but effective lubricant for the prevention and elimination of hair balls in cats and dogs. Laxatone also softens stool if they are suffering from constipation. Laxatone's trusted history of palatable, predictab...

$11.70 CAD
Max & Molly Beef Liver Powder

Great for encouraging the appetite of older or debilitated pets.

$9.95 CAD

Amicro-enema, MICROLAX contains sodium citrate dihydrate, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, glycerin, sorbitol, sorbic acid, and distilled water.

$2.00 CAD
Multistix 10 SG Reagent Strips

The Multistix 10 SG reagent strip is the reliable frontline test for detection of a broad range of conditions, from detecting urinary tract infections (UTI1) to diabetes and kidney disorders.

$86.50 CAD