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Avena Sativa Oat Extract Ear Cleanser or Wipes

Avena Sativa All Natural Ear Cleaner & Cleaning Wipes gently cleans the ears of wax and debris while providing a soothing calm to dry, inflamed and/or irritated ears. Gentle formulation for cats & dogs.

$8.82 CAD
Aventi GI Complete

Helps in maintaining a healthy immune system in the bowel

$21.74 - $81.57 CAD
Aventi Hairball and Stool Paste

AVENTI Hairball and Stool. Tasty paste for cats and dogs. Promotes transit of stool and groomed hair through a healthy digestive tract. Active ingredient: Mineral Oil.

$8.07 CAD
Aventi Joint Formula

AVENTI High Potency Joint Formula contains numerous natural active ingredients known to support healthy joint tissues and promote normal mobility. For dogs and cats.

$17.63 - $58.95 CAD
Aventi Kidney Complete

A Supplement to Promote Healthy Kidney Function and Provide Antioxidant Support

$40.44 - $72.71 CAD
Aventi Liver Complete

A supplement that promotes normal liver function.

$66.14 - $110.24 CAD
Aventi Omega 3 Complete Supplement

AVENTI Omega 3 Complete contains high levels of EPA & DHA from salmon, anchovy, sardine and mackerel oils.

$18.36 - $27.92 CAD
Dermoscent Essential 6 Sebo Shampoo

Essential 6 Sebo Shampoo is a skin balancing shampoo for animals.

$14.75 CAD
Osteosupport Plus Joint & Mobility Chews

Advanced Joint and Mobility Support. Tasty Chews made with kangaroo, a novel protein source. For Dogs.

$40.41 CAD
Therabites Hairball & Stool Chews

Promotes passage of stool & groomed hair through a healthy digestive tract. For Cats & Dogs.

$8.89 CAD
Therabites Hip & Joint - Cats & Small Dogs


$18.95 CAD
Therabites Hip & Joint - Large Dogs

Tasty chicken liver flavoured chewable tablets

$23.95 CAD
Therabites Liver Support Soft Chews

LIVER FUNCTION SUPPORT FOR THE DOG Tasty chicken liver flavoured chewable tablets

$22.05 CAD
Therabites Mellows Soft Chews

Don’t worry, they will feel happy. Thera-Bites Mellows is a tasty soft chew, composed of natural ingredients, to help maintain a normal, balanced emotional and mental state in dogs and cats.

$24.30 CAD
Therabites Tablet Tuckers

Makes giving medication to your pets easier than ever! Just tuck the pill into the soft treat and your pet will never know he's getting medication.

$9.31 CAD
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