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Treats and Toys for Horses

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Bio-Bite Treats for Horses - Anise

GLA Bio-Bite’s are a natural high fiber treat that can be fed to all horses. Bio-Bite uses the most essential nutrient groups within equine nutrition to provide a treat for your horse without adding sugar.

$8.87 $9.85 CAD
Jolly Ball

Keep your horse entertained with a Jolly Ball!

$50.66 CAD

Mineral supplement for horses to help prevent dehydration, replenish electrolytes and aid appetite and water consumption. Contains no dyes or sugars. Keep between 15-26°C and store in a cool, dry place.

$28.58 $31.75 CAD
Crocx Treats

$13.46 $14.95 CAD
Delizia The Special Treats

A healthy way to reward your horse - tasty and natural!.

$7.95 CAD
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