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Specialized Medical Supplies for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Ferrets

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Bio-Groom Ear Mite Treatment

Bio Groom Ear Mite Control for Pets is formulated with aloe-vera that conta.ins pyrethrins, which is nature’s own safe insecticide

$18.09 CAD
Absorbine Silver Honey Rapid Wound Repair Ointment

•A great multi-species solution, providing natural wound care for chickens, horses, cats, dogs and other household pets like rabbits.

$27.00 $30.00 CAD
Apple Tree Branches

100% natural. 100% edible.

$10.95 CAD
Bene-Bac Plus Gel for Multi-Animal

A source of live naturally occurring microorganisms for dogs, cats and other small mammals. FOS & Probiotics.

$6.29 - $12.95 CAD $6.29 - $12.95 CAD
Biogance Lotion for Hamsters and Guinea Pigs

This non rinse lotion has been especially formulated from organic and natural ingredients for an extra mild dry cleanse

$8.95 CAD
Critter Bunch Small Animal Nail Clipper

Nail clipper for cats, small animals, and birds.

$5.99 CAD
Dermoscent Essential Mousse

No-rinse repairing cleansing care for cats.

$27.05 CAD
eCOTRITION Snak Shak Log

Made with 100% guinea pigs and rabbits, this is a 3-in-1 chew, treat and hideaway.

$18.99 CAD
Ferret Aloe Shampoo

A special blend of aloe vera and eucalyptus gives your ferret a fresh and clean scent. Gently cleanses without irritating skin. Keeps coat shiny and soft.

$16.89 CAD
Ferret Daily Spritz

Daily Spritz has a unique blend of conditioners, aloe vera, odor reducing agents and neutralizers so your ferret can smell fresh between shampoos! Gentle enough to use every day. Keeps coat shiny and soft.

$21.59 CAD
Ferret Ear Cleaner

Cleans ears gently without the use of swabs. This solution contains eucalyptol which promotes healthy ear tissue while eliminating wax and dirt. Use regularly.

$17.99 CAD
Ferret Super Thruway

Watch your ferrets have hours of fun tunneling through 15 feet of expandable, clear tubing. Excellent interactive toy!

$52.79 CAD
FM Brown's Timothy Hay Craveables

Timothy Hay with Fruits, Vegetables Flowers and Herbs.

$18.89 CAD
Hammock for Small Animals

Small animal hammock nylon/lamb fur look made of polyester.

$6.49 CAD
Hay House

Very nice hiding place (hut) made of 100% timothy grass.

$37.69 CAD
Hay Tunnel

Very nice tunnel (hiding place) made of 100% timothy grass

$37.69 CAD
Hemp Bio-Cage Mat

The Brown's Tropical Carnival Natural Behaviors Hemp Bio Cage Mat is a hemp mat that expands when shredded to create a super soft and fluffy nesting & bedding material.

$11.29 CAD
Kiwi Branches

100% natural. 100% edible.

$11.95 CAD
Les Petits Lapin d'Amour 3-Way Tunnel Toy for Small Animals

This 3 way tunnel is great for any small animals, to run around, play or even for a spot to hide.

$31.25 CAD
Living World Eco+ Water Bottle with Hanger

Eco+ Water Bottles include innovative design features that meet the natural instincts of small animals and cater to their specific needs.

$12.42 CAD
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