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Habitat Small Pals Pen Living World

Suitable for small animals, fish and reptiles, Small Pals Pens can function as a pet carrier, aquarium, terrarium, small animal pen, or as a nursery.

$10.95 - $20.00 CAD
Hammock for Small Animals

Small animal hammock nylon/lamb fur look made of polyester.

$6.49 CAD
Living World Fresh N' Comfy Bedding

Fresh ‘N Comfy pellets consist of biodegradable, recycled newspaper and baking soda, which is an effective combination that provides superior absorbency and odor control.

$12.43 CAD
Living World Nibblers Strawberry Loofah & Wood Chew

Living World Nibblers Strawberry Loofah & Wood Chew is a colourful strawberry-shaped loofah & wood chew.

$4.07 CAD
Living World Nibblers Willow Chew Balls

Living World Nibblers Willow Chew Balls contain 3 colourful ball-shaped willow chew balls.

$3.99 CAD
Living World Water Bottle with Hanger

The Living World Water Bottles are designed with a drip-proof, stainless steel spout and made of durable clear plastic making it easy to monitor water levels.

$9.19 - $10.72 CAD
Optixcare Eye EMS Unidoses

An innovation in Veterinary Ophthalmology: quickly promotes corneal healing and reduces discomfort For acute corneal ulcers, chronic non-healing corneal ulcers and post-keratotomy

$51.38 CAD
Oxbow Alfalfa Nibbles Bag

Oxbow Alfalfa Hay is a high-fiber legume hay with the same long-strand fiber found in grass hays, but with more protein, energy and calcium. This hay is perfect for young or lactating animals that need concentrated nutrition.

$7.60 CAD
Oxbow Natural Science Digestive Support

Natural Science Digestive Support is a high-fiber supplement containing various herbal ingredients to support the digestive health of your pet.

$12.77 CAD
Oxbow Natural Science Joint Support

A beneficial supplement to support joint health in small animals. Hay tablets. For: rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, other small animals.

$13.16 CAD
Oxbow Natural Science Multi-Vitamin

Natural Science Multi-Vitamin is a hay-based, high-fiber supplement containing essential vitamins to support all of your pet’s body systems. It is also a beneficial source of essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

$13.14 CAD
Oxbow Natural Science Papaya Support

Oxbow's Natural Science Papaya Support is designed to support the digestive health of your pet. Premium ingredients include papaya and pineapple (natural sources of the active enzymes, papain and bromelain) and high fiber timothy

$14.70 CAD
Oxbow Natural Science Skin & Coat

High fiber support for your pet’s skin and coat health! Natural Science Skin & Coat Support promotes the skin and coat health of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, and other small animals.

$13.16 CAD
Oxbow Natural Science Vitamin C

Stabilized Vitamin C for your best friend! Natural Science Vitamin C contains high fiber Timothy hay and the stabilized vitamin C that guinea pigs needs and other animals benefit from during times of stress, illness or recovery.

$12.39 CAD
Oxbow Poof! Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust Jar

Dust baths are essential to your chinchilla’s physical and mental wellbeing.

$16.76 CAD
Oxbow Simple Rewards Banana Treats

Refreshingly simple and naturally sweet, Simple Rewards Banana Treats are a great choice when you want to reward your pet.

$8.38 CAD
Oxbow Simple Rewards Strawberry Treat

Simple Rewards Strawberry Treats are a natural source of vitamin C and contain natural antioxidants.

$8.14 CAD
Oxbow Timothy Western Hay Bag

$7.73 CAD

Prozyme Enzyme Food Supplement is a unique, scientifically proven, all natural enzymatic food supplement.

$35.53 - $42.98 CAD
Recovery Small Animals

Recovery SA contains Nutricol a proprietary combination of proven ingredients purified from grapes and tea. Nutricol decreases trauma by both increasing the cell's resistance to damage and improving it's ability to repair damage.

$54.64 CAD