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Behavioural for Equine

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Acevet 25 Liquid & Injectable (Acepromazine)

$100.17 CAD
Zylkene Equine

Zylkene® can be administered over a short period of time when a situation necessitating a rapid adaptation or a non-routine event is anticipated, starting ideally 3 days before the foreseeable event.

$213.44 CAD
Dormosedan Gel

$28.48 CAD
Dormosedan Vial

$129.36 - $349.85 CAD
Naquasone Injectable Solution

$66.52 CAD
Omega Alpha Chill

Promotes and Enhances Relaxed Behaviour. Supports and Maintains Normal Disposition

$44.50 CAD
Zenitude EQ Powder

ZENITUDE EQ is a complex blend of essential oils, citrus bioflavonoids and magnesium which supports calmness in horses and helps maintain focus during events by reducing stress hormone levels.

$71.47 CAD
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