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Competition Maintenance Medications for Horses

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Acevet 25 Liquid & Injectable (Acepromazine)

$100.17 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine Dimethyl Glycine (DMG)

Supports muscle/joint health after exercise and maintains physical performance.

$50.85 $56.50 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine D-Ribose

Supports physical performance and promotes speedy recovery.

$69.30 $77.00 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine EnduraGin

EnduraGin™ promotes energy and endurance. It supports a healthy immune system, and is used in herbalism as an adaptogen to promote overall health.

$40.05 $44.50 CAD
Banamine Injectable Solution 50 mg/mL

$48.76 - $110.25 CAD
Dormosedan Gel

$28.48 CAD
Dormosedan Vial

$129.36 - $349.85 CAD

$303.04 - $2,592.49 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine Hemex

Supports blood formation. Stimulates blood cell formation from the bone marrow. Is particularly beneficial for high performance horses. High in vitamin B12, biotin, folinic acid (co-factors for the formation of red blood cells).

$40.05 $44.50 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine HerbaCoat

HerbaCoat™ conditions, moisturizes and leaves the coat healthy and glowing.

$55.80 $62.00 CAD

$0.25 - $1.04 CAD
Omeprazole - Compound - Capsules

$0.85 - $1.44 CAD
Omeprazole - Compound - Suspension

$43.94 - $783.20 CAD
Phenylbutazone Injectable

$24.92 CAD
Phenylbutazone Tablets

$0.42 CAD

$2.75 CAD
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