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Competition Maintenance

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Banamine Injectable Solution 50 mg/mL

$48.76 - $110.25 CAD

$294.22 - $2,592.49 CAD
OmegaAlpha Dimethyl Glycine (DMG)

Supports muscle/joint health after exercise and maintains physical performance.

$56.50 CAD
OmegaAlpha D-Ribose

Supports physical performance and promotes speedy recovery.

$77.00 CAD
OmegaAlpha EnduraGin

EnduraGin™ promotes energy and endurance. It supports a healthy immune system, and is used in herbalism as an adaptogen to promote overall health.

$44.50 CAD
Acevet 25 Liquid & Injectable (Acepromazine)

Acevet Liquid & Injectable is used as an aid in restraining animals during examination, controlling hyperexcitability, vomiting, licking & scratching & as a preanesthetic agent. For cats, dogs, cattle, swine, goats, sheep, horses

$94.26 CAD
Dormosedan Gel

$25.08 CAD
Dormosedan Vial

$129.36 - $349.85 CAD
OmegaAlpha Equine HerbaCoat

HerbaCoat™ conditions, moisturizes and leaves the coat healthy and glowing.

$62.00 CAD
OmegaAlpha Hemex

Supports blood formation. Stimulates blood cell formation from the bone marrow. Is particularly beneficial for high performance horses. High in vitamin B12, biotin, folinic acid (co-factors for the formation of red blood cells).

$44.50 CAD

$0.25 - $1.04 CAD
Omeprazole - Compound - Capsules

$0.85 - $0.90 CAD
Omeprazole - Compound - Suspension

$43.94 CAD
Phenylbutazone Injectable

$19.95 CAD
Phenylbutazone Tablets

$0.42 CAD

$2.33 CAD
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