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Bene-Bac Plus Powder

Bene-Bac Plus is a palatable source of live naturally occurring digestive bacteria for dogs, cats, rabbits and exotic mammals that helps in times of stress such as antibiotic therapy, birth, weaning, worming or traveling.

$36.29 CAD
Burgham Pro Plus Nail Clipper

$5.99 CAD
Hagen Cockatiel Seed

Hagen Cockatiel Seed contains only the highest quality seeds blended in a perfect balance for the nutritional needs of all Cockatiels. The seeds are specially selected for high nutrition and taste appeal.

$13.82 CAD
Hagen Gourmet Canary Mix

Hagen Gourmet Seed Mix for Canaries contains only the highest quality seeds, dried fruit, and legumes blended in a perfect balance.

$10.59 CAD
Harrison's Organic Bird Food - Adult Lifetime Coarse

Harrison's Organic Bird Food - Adult Lifetime Coarse for Medium to Large Birds

$48.03 CAD
Harrison's Organic Bird Food - High Potency Coarse

$19.42 - $64.95 CAD
Harrison's Organic Bird Food - High Potency Fine

Indications: A certified organic maximum nutrient formula for small to medium parrots and canaries. For use in birds that are being converted from seeds or any other diet or are weaning, breeding, have special needs

$19.62 - $74.63 CAD
Harrison's Organic Bird Food - High Potency Super Fine

$20.23 CAD
KayTee Exact Conure and Parrot Rainbow

Premium daily diet. Naturally preserved. With DHA and Omega-3 fatty acid that supports heart, brain and visual functions.

$20.27 CAD
Kwik Stop Topical Styptic Powder Jar

$13.92 CAD
Lafeber's Avi-Era Bird Vitamins

Avi-Era is a concentrated powdered vitamin professionally formulated and tested to contain all 13 essential vitamins and iodine.

$14.95 CAD
Living World Bamboo Bird Nest

Living World Bamboo Nest for finches provides a comfortable and secure shelter for nesting pairs and their young

$8.50 CAD
Living World Cockatiel Sticks

Living World Sticks for Cockatiels are healthy and delicious treats that provide many outstanding benefits, including excellent nutrition plus an enticing incentive to exercise and play.

$4.42 CAD
Natural Living Playground for Bird

Made of natural wood Suitable for canaries and budgies

$28.59 CAD
PLUS Bird grit can

Bird grit contains a mixture of different elements including oyster shells, redstone, stomach gravel, limestone and charcoal. It is an important supplement for the daily diet of birds and pigeons.

$12.39 CAD

WM Forte is the ideal supplement during resistance loss, vaccination, moulting and stress.

$10.99 CAD
Snack Cube for Birds

2 levels of difficulty by placing the game in different positions Stimulates intelligence

$13.95 CAD
Tropican Lifetime Formula Premium Parrot Food

Tropican Lifetime Formula provides proper daily nutrition for fledged juvenile to adult Parrots for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

$11.41 CAD
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