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Cat with Flowers

Handmade in Toronto, ON, Canada

$6.95 CAD
Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Planter Cat Toy

Grass is a natural source of fiber, and has been know to aid cat's digestion and help prevent hairball build-ups. Safe and green way to great health for every cat.

$15.27 - $33.09 CAD
Catit Senses 2.0 Play Circuit Cat Toy

Each circuit consists of a ball that zips around a closed track in rollercoaster fashion. The special peek-a-boo cover stimulates cats to chase and swat the ball, which quickly adds up to hours of entertainment!

$18.36 CAD
Eli Medical Hypodermic Needles

ELIMEDICAL ultra-sharp needles are ground and honed to be tri-bevel, according to ISO standard. Thin wall needles provide more comfort

$7.99 CAD
KONG Naturals Catnip Spray for Cats

KONG Naturals catnip spray is made with concentrated catnip oil for maximum fun.

$8.49 CAD
Multipet Feline Clean

Feline Clean Cat Toys are peppermint scented toys that help promote dental health and are enhanced with catnip to stimulate playful behavior. Their multiple textures massages gums to help remove tartar.

$7.29 CAD
SmartBones Holistic Chicken Bone Chews

With wholesome ingredients including vegetables and real chicken

$18.89 CAD
Whole Dog Beef Liver Treats

Complete & nutritious - Protect against disease - Foundation for optimal health.

$11.95 CAD
VitalityDog Grain Free Gourmet Dog Treats

Made with 100% holistic ingredients, low in fat, high in fibre with no added fat, sugar, salt, artificial flavours or colours.

$10.95 CAD
3-Way Tunnel Toy for Small Animals

This 3 way tunnel is great for any small animals, to run around, play or even for a spot to hide.

$31.25 CAD
Aikiou Fish Cat Treat Toy

A fish shaped cat toy for you to hide treats to let cats express predation.

$4.34 - $4.76 CAD
Aikiou Mouse Cat Treat Toy

A mouse shaped cat treat toy to let cats express predation.

$4.37 CAD
All For Paws Green Rush Cat Toy - Vegetables

All For Paws Green Rush Cat Toy - Vegetables series are cute and colorful catnip filled toys in the shape of a carrot, pea pod or eggplant.

$6.91 CAD
All For Paws Sweet Tooth Fish Cat Toy

All For Paws Sweet Tooth Fish Toy for Cats is a two-in-one toy with a fish plush and a candy plush, even better, they come with catnip inside!

$6.51 CAD
Amber Coloured Syringe

1 mL, each

$0.62 CAD
Bamboozles Treat Dispensing Toy

Treat Dispenser Toy

$12.99 CAD
BD Insulin Syringes with BD Micro-Fine IV Needles

U-100, 0.5cc, 28G. 100x insulin syringes with the BD Micro-Fine IV needle.

$48.97 CAD
BD Insulin Syringes with Ultra-Fine Needles

U100, 3/10 mL, 31G (for 8mm needles), box of 100 syringes

$40.00 CAD
BD Luer Lock Syringes

Luer Lock Syringes for medicating, dosing and feeding with liquids. Available in: 1 mL, 3 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL, or 50 mL sizes.

$46.39 - $89.98 CAD
BD Needle Hypodermic

$11.73 CAD
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