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Fleas, Ticks, Mites Treatment and Prevention

Fleas, Ticks & Mites Treatment & Preventions for Dogs

So many dog owners feel helpless while their furry friend experiences occasional discomforts caused by fleas and ticks. Fortunately, flea and tick medication for dogs work almost immediately. 

How Do Dogs Get Fleas or Ticks?

Fleas and ticks can be found everywhere. Since fleas can survive in all climate zones, they prefer humid areas under a cool shade, such as under leaves or bushes. Unlike fleas, ticks can’t jump from animal hosts to you or your dog, but practice questing — ticks can grab you or your pet as you walk by. 

Once your dog has gotten infected with fleas, they will show obvious signs of skin irritation. Flea bites cause discomfort and can trigger severe allergic reactions in pets and people. Once you realize that your dog has fleas or ticks, the good news is that tick and flea medicine for dogs works fast and effectively to alleviate discomfort and infection. 

Prevention for Long-Term Well-Being

To prevent the issue from arising in the first place, there are different forms of tick prevention for dogs that can be safely and routinely administered to discourage fleas and ticks. 

Whether it's topical treatments, oral medications, or collars, there are diverse options for tick prevention for dogs. Consulting with your veterinarian can help determine the most suitable preventive measures based on your dog's specific needs and lifestyle.

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Bio-Groom Ear Mite Treatment

Bio Groom Ear Mite Control for Pets is formulated with aloe-vera that conta.ins pyrethrins, which is nature’s own safe insecticide

$18.09 CAD
EarthMD Outdoor Shield

To help deter fleas and ticks and soothe bites

$39.99 CAD
Knock Down Diatomaceous Earth

Kill bed bugs, fleas, slugs, ants, crickets, silverfish, earwigs, caterpillars, sowbugs, cockroaches, potato beetles, centipedes and millipedes with this safe, natural, organic, food-grade powder that is non-toxic and safe.

$29.40 CAD
O'Tom Tick Twister Tick Remover

The O’TOM TICK TWISTER allows the user to hold the tick without compressing it and to remove the tick by a twisting motion rather than pulling. Set of 2 includes A Large and Small Tick Remover.

$7.29 CAD
Advantage II Flea Adulticide for Dogs

For Dogs and Puppies 7 weeks & older. If fleas have your dog scratching, Advantage will solve the problem quickly and easily. Advantage kills fleas, breaking the life cycle and killing adults before they can lay eggs. Advantage wor...

$38.40 - $95.59 CAD
Advantage Multi for Dogs

$17.64 - $24.10 CAD
Bravecto Chewables for Dogs

$51.21 - $57.80 CAD
Bravecto ONE - 1 Month

$14.98 - $18.90 CAD
Capstar Anti-Flea Treatment for Dogs & Cats

Eliminating fleas on your pet is easy with Capstar (nitenpyram) because CAPSTAR provides fast flea relief for your dog or cat. In fact, it starts working within 30 minutes

$38.81 - $43.67 CAD
EctoShield Topical Solution for Dogs - DISCONTINUED

EctoShield™ Topical Solution for Dogs provides dual protection against fleas and lice. Will control fleas and lice on dogs within 1 day of treatment and will continue to protect the dog from further flea and lice infestation for a

$38.95 - $46.69 CAD

$9.87 - $14.65 CAD
Heartgard Plus Chewables

$5.01 - $11.63 CAD
Interceptor Flavour Tablets

$4.54 - $13.18 CAD
JW Flea Comb- Soft Grip

Metal teeth are placed tightly together to pick up fleas.

$12.95 CAD
K9 Advantix II for Dogs

Flea Adulticide, Larvicide, Ovicide, Tick, Mosquito and Lice Adulticide

$72.27 - $120.11 CAD
Moz Diatomaceous Earth

Helps prevent flea and mites.

$14.99 CAD
NaturPet Outdoor Spray

• Eliminates odor • Anti-itch & anti -bacterial properties • Provides outdoor protection • Shinier looking coat • Suitable for dogs only

$17.99 CAD
Nexgard Chewable

$17.73 - $19.07 CAD
Ovicollar for Dogs

The Vet-Kem Ovicollar for Dogs is designed to prevent flea population build up in your home by killing flea eggs before they hatch

$12.30 CAD
Ovitrol Plus Spray

Vet-Kem Ovitrol Plus Flea and Tick Spray kills fleas and ticks in and around your home.

$20.09 CAD
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