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API Stress Coat

API® STRESS COAT water conditioner makes tap water safe for fish by removing chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals from tap water

$13.39 CAD
Bene-Bac Plus Gel for Multi-Animal

A source of live naturally occurring microorganisms for dogs, cats and other small mammals. FOS & Probiotics.

$6.29 - $12.95 CAD $6.29 - $12.95 CAD
Bene-Bac Plus Powder

Bene-Bac Plus is a palatable source of live naturally occurring digestive bacteria for dogs, cats, rabbits and exotic mammals that helps in times of stress such as antibiotic therapy, birth, weaning, worming or traveling.

$36.29 CAD
Exo Terra Multi Vitamin Powder Supplement

Multi Vitamin Powder Supplement.

$5.53 CAD
Exo Terra Sand of Desert

Natural desert sand, no added dyes or chemicals.

$16.85 CAD
Habitat Small Pals Pen Living World

Suitable for small animals, fish and reptiles, Small Pals Pens can function as a pet carrier, aquarium, terrarium, small animal pen, or as a nursery.

$10.95 - $20.00 CAD
Komodo Calcium Supplement for Carnivores

Komodo Calcium Supplement for Carnivores contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and Brands/Minerals with added calcium and no phosphorus to help provide a balanced diet for meat eating reptiles and amphibians

$8.99 CAD
Komodo Cricket Dust

Calcium is an essential part of any diet and using Komodo's Calcium Dusting Powder as part of a varied diet

$9.99 CAD
Komodo Revitalive

Revitalive is ideal to use routinely whenever moving an animal to a new environment, such as when taking a new pet home.

$7.79 CAD
KORDON Malachite Green Disease Treatment

Malachite green is also effective against common external fungi infections of fishes and eggs Malachite green is an effective medication used for the control of various external parasites

$11.19 CAD
KORDON Methylene Blue General Disease Prevention

Methylene Blue is effective against superficial fungal infections of fishes.

$11.19 CAD
KORDON Rid Fungus

Helps Prevent and treat Single-Celled External Fish Diseases caused by Fungus. Equally Effective in Fresh and Salt Water

$26.39 CAD
KORDON Rid-Ich + Disease Treatment

Kordon's Rid·Ich Plus® (formerly known as Rid-Ich +) is a combination of two powerful medications which have proven effective in the control of many diseases of freshwater fishes caused by external protozoan

$27.59 CAD
Nutrafin Aqua Plus Tap Water Conditioner

Help provide a safe and healthy environment for your tropical fish with this water conditioner. Works to neutralize chlorine, chloramine and undesirable metals in tap water.

$10.72 CAD
Oxbow Critical Care for Herbivores Fine Grind

$34.95 CAD
Oxbow Natural Science Joint Support

A beneficial supplement to support joint health in small animals. Hay tablets. For: rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, other small animals.

$13.69 CAD
Spot Exo Terra Sun Glo Neodymium R25

Broad-spectrum daylight spot lamp for terrariums.

$19.95 CAD
Substrate Reptile Forest Bark Exo Terra

Terrarium Substrate. 100% natural Fir bark.

$42.95 CAD
TETRA Correct pH Tabs

Lower or increase the pH in your aquarium with ease! Maintaining the proper pH of aquarium water is important to ensure a healthy environment.

$7.79 CAD
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