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Dental Care for Cats

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Multipet Feline Clean - Scented Toy

Feline Clean Cat Toys are peppermint scented toys that help promote dental health and are enhanced with catnip to stimulate playful behavior. Their multiple textures massages gums to help remove tartar.

$7.29 CAD
1-TDC Dual Action Periodontal & Joint Health

It is a unique Dual Action product recommended for natural GUM & JOINT HEALTH for dogs and cats. These easy-to-use convenient 1-TDC Dual Action soft gels provide superb results.

$82.89 CAD
Animora Cranberry Dental Gel

Cranberry Dental Gel improves oral health in dogs and cats by preventing bad breath and dental plaque buildup.

$11.32 - $21.89 CAD
Breathalyser Double Ended Toothbrush

$3.44 CAD
Breathalyser Drinking Water Additive with Green Tea

Drinking water additive for dogs and cats. With green tea extract. Helps fight plaque.

$10.97 - $18.98 CAD
Breathalyser Plus Drinking Water Additive

Reduces sources of halitosis, does not just mask bad breath.

$19.49 CAD
Breathalyser Toothpaste

Reliable and palatable toothpaste to help keep breath fresh, remove plaque build-up and promote healthy gums/oral cavity. Three uniquely developed formulas are available to improve compliance, chicken and mint.

$6.32 CAD
Clenz-a-dent Plaque-Off

Oral hygiene in dogs and cats Helps keep teeth clean and freshen breath

$31.53 CAD
DentaChlor Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse

DentaChlor is an antiseptic oral rinse which assists in the daily maintenance of a healthy and pleasant smelling mouth in dogs and cats.

$14.04 CAD
DentaChlor Oral Dental Wipes

DentaChlor Wipes are a Veterinary exclusive product to help promote dental health. They are an easier way to maintain your pets dental health. The wipes help promote dental health, clean teeth, and fresh breath.

$15.79 CAD
HomeoVet Oral Health

Oral Health, prevents tartar build up from pets

$14.95 CAD
Land Art Chlorophyll Supplement

Chlorophyll for pets decreases your pet’s bad breath and bodily odours.

$23.67 CAD
Maxi Guard Oral Cleansing Gel

Cleanses the oral cavity, freshens the breath by helping eliminate odor-causing bacteria, and has superior pet acceptance in a one-step application. Alcohol Free. Natural Flavor.

$25.74 CAD
Maxi Guard OraZn Gel

Easy applicator tip, taste-free formulation, and neutralized zinc cleansing.

$19.24 CAD
Ola Bamboo Bamboo Toothbrush

The OLA Bamboo’s toothbrush for Dog / Cat is an eco-friendly choice that’s also a good choice for your pet’s dental health.

$4.94 CAD
Petsmile Professional Pet Toothpaste

Veterinarian recommended Petsmile toothpaste for dogs and cats is the only toothpaste accepted by the VOHC.

$35.49 CAD
Tartar Shield Cat Treats

For cleaner, healthier teeth and gums reward your cat with Tartar Shield Cat Treats.

$16.29 CAD
UbaVet UbaDent Dental Care Water Additive

UBADENT Dental Water Additive helps fight placque and tartar, reduces bacteria and freshens breath.

$11.73 CAD
Vetradent Dental Spray

Vetradent Dental Spray features Biotrate™ technology that disrupts biofilms to help fight plaque, tartar, and freshen breath.

$22.05 CAD
Vetradent Dental Wipes

Vetradent™ Dental Wipes are soft, disposable and have a texture to clean pets’ teeth and gums gently.

$25.97 CAD
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