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Activon Manuka Honey

Activon Tube contains 100% Manuka honey with no additives from New Zealand.

$18.13 CAD
Entero Aid +GI

Supports and maintains a healthy gut and bowel function, including normal stool quality and frequency. May be used to neutralize gas-producing food combinations in dogs and cats.

$20.09 - $27.34 CAD
Fibre Boost +GI

FIBRE BOOST +GI is an all-natural vegan supplement for dogs and cats. FIBRE BOOST +GI™ is a potent combination of a synbiotic, montmorillonite clay, and soluble and insoluble fibres.

$48.75 CAD
Glucosamine HCL 500mg

Each scored tablet contains D-glucosamine Hydrochloride 500 mg. Sodium Free

$30.26 - $43.23 CAD $43.23 CAD
Hydration Support + GI

Supports hydration, electrolyte balance and digestive health in dogs and cats.

$45.29 CAD
Pro Care +GI

Promotes intestinal health and well-being by encouraging healthy intestional flora, supplying nutrients to the gastrointestinal tract and maintains a healthy immune system in dogs and cats.

$38.04 CAD

$0.15 - $0.72 CAD
VetriFlex Chews

Clinical strength joint support featuring phytosome technology for cats and dogs.

$57.48 CAD
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