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KONG Holiday Stocking Paw Large

KONG Holiday Paw Stocking holds lots of treats and toys for your favorite dog or cat (or both, but we bet they’d prefer not to share).

$11.99 CAD
KONG Holiday Wubba

Randomly shipped (Reindeer, Santa, or Snowman). These versatile toys are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and their floppy tails make them easy to pick up and throw. Each toy is covered with durable, reinforced nylon.

$16.73 CAD
KONG Naturals Catnip Spray for Cats

KONG Naturals catnip spray is made with concentrated catnip oil for maximum fun.

$8.49 CAD
KONG Cat Puzzlements Hideaway

KONG Puzzlements Hideaway hides two tethered toys, satisfying cats’ natural instincts to explore, hunt and capture while providing active mental and physical enrichment.

$10.69 CAD
KONG Classic Dog Toy

The KONG Classic is the gold standard of dog toys and has become the staple for dogs around the world for over forty years.

$10.09 - $33.09 CAD
KONG Cloud Collar

Inflatable Collar for: injuries, rashes, post surgery.

$22.75 - $37.69 CAD
KONG Cozie - Marvin the Moose

The KONG Cozie™ Marvin Moose is a soft and luxuriously cuddly plush toy great for snuggle time comfort. Made with an extra layer of material for added strength,

$14.99 CAD
KONG Extreme Dog Toy

The KONG Extreme dog toy represents the most durable strength of KONG rubber.

$11.19 - $34.79 CAD
KONG Extreme Flyer Dog Toy

KONG Extreme Flyer is made for fetching. It is made of durable KONG Extreme rubber which allows for a forgiving catch, plus the material delivers a dynamic rebound just in case your dog misses the initial toss.

$20.19 CAD
KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy

The KONG Extreme Goodie Bone™ toy delights dogs that are the toughest of chewers and that delight in chew sessions.

$16.19 - $21.29 CAD
KONG Holiday Cactus Cat Toy

$7.76 CAD
KONG Jumbler Ball

Ideal for interactive fun. Handles make pick up and shaking easy. Squeaker and tumbling interior ball entice play

$20.19 - $27.09 CAD
KONG Naturals Straw Ball Duo Cat Toy

The unique straw weave has lots-of nooks for easy snagging and its unpredictable roll adds to the fun.

$5.44 CAD
KONG Play Spaces Zen Den

KONG Play Spaces Zen Den is a Bermuda Triangle of tempting, multi-sensory enrichment options where cats can lose themselves in hide-and-peek fun.

$36.99 CAD
KONG Premium Catnip

Kong catnip is harvested at the peak of its flavour, colour, and fragrance and field dried. Kong's premium leaf and flower cut gives you minimal stems and seeds and more of the essential oils that cause a reaction in most cats

$9.95 CAD
KONG Premium Catnip Refillable

KONG Refillable Catnip is a versatile way to extend kitty’s playtime fun. An ideal way to make play sessions last longer, KONG Refillable Catnip keeps toys engaging while extending play sessions.

$6.69 CAD
KONG Puppy Dog Toy

The Puppy KONG dog toy is customized for a growing puppy’s baby teeth, the unique, natural rubber formula is the most gentle within the KONG rubber toy line.

$7.29 - $15.89 CAD
KONG Puppy Flyer

Use as a fetch stick that's both safe and reliable. Helps clean teeth and soothe gums. Good for Teething

$13.69 CAD
KONG Scrattles Kitty Café Cat Toy

KONG Scrattles box of kitty toys offers an irresistible menu of rattling fun for cats hungry for batting and pouncing play

$48.79 CAD
KONG Senior Dog Toy

The KONG Senior dog toy is customized for an aging dog’s chewing and play needs. The unique, natural KONG Senior rubber formula is designed for teeth and gums that have enjoyed chewing for years.

$9.11 - $15.21 CAD
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