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Apple Tree Branches

100% natural. 100% edible.

$10.95 CAD
Hay House

Very nice hiding place (hut) made of 100% timothy grass.

$37.69 CAD
Hay Tunnel

Very nice tunnel (hiding place) made of 100% timothy grass

$37.69 CAD
Kiwi Branches

100% natural. 100% edible.

$11.95 CAD
Les Petits Lapin d'Amour 3-Way Tunnel Toy for Small Animals

This 3 way tunnel is great for any small animals, to run around, play or even for a spot to hide.

$31.25 CAD
Search and Find Treats Game for Small Animals

Great way to keep your animals entertained

$27.55 CAD
Snuffle Mat

$43.55 CAD
The Challenge Treat Puzzle Toy for Small Animals

Can be used with vegetables, treats, or feed; Allows to feed the animal while working it and to make it work mentally

$20.25 CAD
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