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Ferret Aloe Shampoo

A special blend of aloe vera and eucalyptus gives your ferret a fresh and clean scent. Gently cleanses without irritating skin. Keeps coat shiny and soft.

$16.89 CAD
Ferret Daily Spritz

Daily Spritz has a unique blend of conditioners, aloe vera, odor reducing agents and neutralizers so your ferret can smell fresh between shampoos! Gentle enough to use every day. Keeps coat shiny and soft.

$21.59 CAD
Ferret Ear Cleaner

Cleans ears gently without the use of swabs. This solution contains eucalyptol which promotes healthy ear tissue while eliminating wax and dirt. Use regularly.

$17.99 CAD
Ferret Super Thruway

Watch your ferrets have hours of fun tunneling through 15 feet of expandable, clear tubing. Excellent interactive toy!

$52.79 CAD
Marshall Ferret Bandits Treats

At Marshall they believe that every pet deserves to be happy and healthy. Their delicious line of Bandits treats are available in many ferret-friendly flavors. Every recipe starts with fresh meat and all flavoring is natural.

$7.99 CAD
Marshall Ferret Leisure Lounge

$33.49 CAD
Marshall Fresh & Clean Ferret Litter

Made from upcycled virgin fiber paper which is completley dust free, flushable and biodegradable. Lighter in weight and color.

$21.19 CAD
Marshall ProBiotic and Digestive

Marshall probiotic+ is a natural supplement designed to recondition your ferrets digestive tract. Helping to restore your pets natural digestive balance and enhancing it's ability to efficiently absorb nutrients.

$20.29 CAD
Woven Grass Pet Bed

The Woven Grass Pet bed is a fun and chewable resting place for your rabbit or small animal friends. Can be used inside and outside of the cage for chewing, playing, and resting.

$20.79 CAD
Woven Grass Play Ball

Our natural woven grass products provide hours of fun for small animals. They are safe to chew and can be used inside or outside of the cage. No dyes, colors, preservatives or pesticides, safe-natural - interactive!

$10.79 CAD
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