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Omega Alpha Equine AntiFlam

Reduces discomfort in the feet and throughout the body.

$55.50 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine Biotic 8 Plus

Used to change the bacterial flora in the large intestine, and also to promote good digestion and intestinal health.

$45.50 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine Dimethyl Glycine (DMG)

Supports muscle/joint health after exercise and maintains physical performance.

$56.50 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine D-Ribose

Supports physical performance and promotes speedy recovery.

$77.00 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine EnduraGin

EnduraGin™ promotes energy and endurance. It supports a healthy immune system, and is used in herbalism as an adaptogen to promote overall health.

$44.50 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine Gastra-FX

Gastra-FX™ is a blend of botanical herbs which are beneficial in maintaining gastrointestinal health and as an adjuvant in the management of equine gastrointestinal disorders.

$44.50 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine RegenerEQ

GI Regenerator and Appetite Stimulant. Supports gastrointestinal health through supporting the GI mucosal immune system.

$200.00 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine Respi-Free

An herbal, three-in-one formulation for complete respiratory support.

$44.50 CAD
Omega Alpha Probiotic 8 Plus

Use Probiotic 8 Plus™ daily to ensure your pet’s digestion is at peak performance.

$57.75 CAD
Omega Alpha SinewPet

A Complete Joint Care and Health Complex + D-Chondroitin, D-Glucosamine, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen

$75.00 CAD
Omega Alpha Wild Salmon Oil Blend

Fish oil supports your canine companion's heart health, promotes a silky coat, reduces itchy and flaky skin, and can help relieve allergies and joint pain. It can even help strengthen their immune system and could help them fight

$41.25 CAD
Omega Alpha Airwaves

An airway enhancing botanical formula that helps with breathing problems and airway support.

$44.50 CAD
Omega Alpha Chill

Promotes and Enhances Relaxed Behaviour. Supports and Maintains Normal Disposition

$44.50 CAD
Omega Alpha EnduraStress

It helps to bring a sense of calm, concentration and mental focus to support athletic training, or to support a multi-pet household.

$33.00 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine Gastra-FX Ultra

Reduces gas, bloating (hay belly), discomfort and colic symptoms

$22.50 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine HA-180

Each ounce (30 mL) supplies your horse with 180 mg of highly absorbable, short chain hyaluronic acid Beneficial for joints (knees, joints, hocks and ankles) or for post surgical recovery

$89.00 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine Hemex

Supports blood formation. Stimulates blood cell formation from the bone marrow. Is particularly beneficial for high performance horses. High in vitamin B12, biotin, folinic acid (co-factors for the formation of red blood cells).

$44.50 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine HerbaCoat

HerbaCoat™ conditions, moisturizes and leaves the coat healthy and glowing.

$62.00 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine Kidney Flush

Provides antioxidant support to the kidneys Has diuretic properties, reduces water retention

$44.50 CAD
Omega Alpha Equine Liver Flush

Maintains and promotes healthy liver function

$44.50 CAD
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