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Acevet 25 Liquid & Injectable (Acepromazine)

$100.17 CAD
Dexamethasone 5 Sterile Injection Solution

$20.99 - $28.59 CAD
Viralys L-Lysine HCL Nutritional Supplement

Viralys are L-lysine supplements specifically developed for cats and kittens. Viralys is a nutritional supplements containing a naturally occurring amino acid. Available in highly palatable gel and powder formulations and is easy a...

$26.62 - $126.26 CAD
Zylkene Equine

Zylkene® can be administered over a short period of time when a situation necessitating a rapid adaptation or a non-routine event is anticipated, starting ideally 3 days before the foreseeable event.

$213.44 CAD

$36.20 - $62.25 CAD
Azodyl Capsules

Probiotic to Support Renal Function for Dogs and Cats

$78.79 CAD
Biosentry 904 Disinfectant

Biosentry 904 is a concentrated, chemically balanced 5th generation quaternary ammonium disinfectant that provides clear use solutions even in cold water.

$86.74 CAD
Calcium Borogluconate 23% Bottle

As a source of calcium for cattle, sheep and swine, to aid in the treatment of hypocalcemia

$12.39 CAD

$0.47 - $1.23 CAD
Chlor Palm 250

$11.35 CAD

$0.42 - $2.83 CAD
Cothivet Cicatrizing & Antiseptic Spray

Aids in healing of sores and wounds in horses, dogs and cats. Helps in keratinization of hoof in horses.

$33.22 - $67.84 CAD
DentaChlor Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse

DentaChlor is an antiseptic oral rinse which assists in the daily maintenance of a healthy and pleasant smelling mouth in dogs and cats.

$14.04 CAD
Derma Gel

Derma GeL supports natural defences of the skin while providing a moist environment. It is an isotonic hydrogel acting as a bandage when applied on skin of canines and equines.

$31.28 - $49.26 CAD

$5.77 - $13.95 CAD
Enisyl-F Pump Lysine Supplement

To support natural defenses of cats.

$31.52 CAD

Epakitin is the new weapon in renal protection. In animals with CRF, it is recommended to use a low phosphorus diet. Epakitin is a highly palatable and safe phosphate binder providing further protection to kidneys. Therefore, the c...

$24.75 - $56.49 CAD
Equine Super Diet

Pelletized highly concentrated vitamin-trace mineral supplement for mixing in the feed of pregnant mares, growing foals, race horses, saddle horses, show horses, work horses and ponies.

$58.79 CAD
Exodus Paste

Apple Flavoured Horse Dewormer

$216.49 - $1,372.00 CAD
Flexadin Advanced Chews - For Cats

Flexadin Advanced contains UC-II, undenatured type II collagen, which has proven clinical efficacy for better management of osteoarthritis.

$40.95 - $82.31 CAD
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