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Acevet 25 Liquid & Injectable (Acepromazine)

Acevet Liquid & Injectable is used as an aid in restraining animals during examination, controlling hyperexcitability, vomiting, licking & scratching & as a preanesthetic agent. For cats, dogs, cattle, swine, goats, sheep, horses

$94.26 CAD

$34.76 - $59.76 CAD
Azodyl Capsules

Probiotic to Support Renal Function for Dogs and Cats

$76.35 CAD
Biosentry 904 Disinfectant

Biosentry 904 is a concentrated, chemically balanced 5th generation quaternary ammonium disinfectant that provides clear use solutions even in cold water.

$80.95 CAD
Calcium Borogluconate 23% Bottle

As a source of calcium for cattle, sheep and swine, to aid in the treatment of hypocalcemia

$12.01 CAD

$0.47 - $1.19 CAD
Chlor Palm 250

$8.68 CAD

$0.41 - $2.74 CAD
Cothivet Cicatrizing & Antiseptic Spray

Aids in healing of sores and wounds in horses, dogs and cats. Helps in keratinization of hoof in horses.

$32.21 - $65.74 CAD
DentaChlor Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse

DentaChlor is an antiseptic oral rinse which assists in the daily maintenance of a healthy and pleasant smelling mouth in dogs and cats.

$13.38 CAD
Derma GeL

Derma GeL supports natural defences of the skin while providing a moist environment. It is an isotonic hydrogel acting as a bandage when applied on skin of canines and equines.

$29.43 - $47.73 CAD
Dexamethasone 5 Sterile Injection Solution

Dexamethasone 5 is a synthetic analogue of prednisolone having similar but more potent anti-inflammatory therapeutic action and different hormonal and metabolic effects.

$20.99 - $25.93 CAD
Enisyl-F Pump Lysine Supplement

To support natural defenses of cats.

$30.53 CAD

Epakitin is the new weapon in renal protection. In animals with CRF, it is recommended to use a low phosphorus diet. Epakitin is a highly palatable and safe phosphate binder providing further protection to kidneys. Therefore, the c...

$54.73 CAD
Equine Super Diet

Pelletized highly concentrated vitamin-trace mineral supplement for mixing in the feed of pregnant mares, growing foals, race horses, saddle horses, show horses, work horses and ponies.

$53.95 CAD
Exodus Paste

Apple Flavoured Horse Dewormer

$216.49 - $1,372.00 CAD

To support joint health and function. Available as Chews or Chewable Tablets.

$78.98 CAD
Flexadin Advanced

Flexadin Advanced is the newest addition to the Flexadin range. It contains undenatured collagen Type II (UC II) and Boswellia serrata, which have proven efficacy in dogs with osteoarthritis.

$37.57 - $69.71 CAD
Flexadin Advanced for Cats

Flexadin Advanced contains UC-II, undenatured type II collagen, which has proven clinical efficacy for better management of osteoarthritis.

$78.19 - $82.31 CAD $82.31 CAD
Flexadin Advanced Original

These chews have a unique composition and includes UCII (undenatured type 2 collagen), omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

$68.34 CAD
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