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Bio-Iso-G Ultimate Equine Solution

Type 946ml Qty PRICE (CAD) $109.59
Type Plus 946ml Qty PRICE (CAD) $129.39
Type 3.8L Qty PRICE (CAD) $349.45
Type Plus 3.8L Qty PRICE (CAD) $447.00

Bio-Iso-G® Canine / Equine is a water soluble formula which contains the key active isolates of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM. The smaller molecular size ensures passage across cell membranes into the joint capsule and cartilage matrix. The key active component of Glucosamine is Glutamine, which comprises 5% of the Glucosamine molecule.1 The key active components of Chondroitin include Proline and Glycine.1 The active component of MSM is Sulphur, a component of enzymes, such as, the Disulfide Oxidoreductases, which catalyze a variety of antioxidant reactions.2 The PLUS+ product contains Yucca extract and Devil's Claw.