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Great quality shipping

Have just started using this for our cat but we appreciated the excellent shipping by pets drug mart - using a styrofoam 'cooler' and two ice packs one above and one below. Thank you. Also noting that these are the SMALL capsules as recommended for cats, even tho the bottle does not say that. They are okay for dropping directly into mouth if you can (we follow with dropper of water).

Rating: 5 on May 03, 2021


Blackie was in final stage kidney disease, quickly fading, obviously suffering when vet suggested azodyl. We began putting them opening the capsule, sprinkling it in his wet food and mixing it in every morning and night. 8 months later he’s still alive, no longer suffering. We’re very grateful for this product. $20 less expensive in this site than the vet’s and easier to order.

Rating: 5 on Aug 08, 2020

Amazing Product! A+++

This will help your cat/dog with CKD. This god sent product has helped my cat become normal again. I highly recommend this product and brand. Given with Epakin and Rubenal in controlled doses, this is a life saver! Don't subsitute for other another brand, they only contain ingredients that will worsen your loved pet in the long run. Just do the researche

Rating: 5 by Angela Ouellet on Jan 30, 2017

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