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Service was outstanding. Would definitely recommend.

Rating: 5 by Lorraine Murphy on Feb 05, 2023

Great, as described!

Thank for offering this product online for Canadians! Ultra fast shipping, all good and as described!

Rating: 5 on Sep 16, 2020

Excellent Product

Excellent product. I ordered this product 2x, works great, I strongly recommend it. When in stock, product ships fast and arrives quickly. Thanks.

Rating: 5 by Daniel Day on Sep 10, 2019

Saving a life!

Lives! Treating baylisascaris procyonis! (diagnosed as invasive ductal carcinoma)!!! The molecular formula F-11 C-5 Zn-1 Se-6 O-7 (see Nidi non invasive diagnostic imaging for nomenclature of Grove Brain Part Chart 'n body art chart), of the fenbendazole 222 mg per gram of canine dewormer, works marvelously!!! Combining with portable cold laser device, high intensity focused ultrasound device (jonathan thomason, Sheffield university-at one hour per session, not one minute), and missing molecules; Mn-2 K-4 Io-8 Cu-9 Mg-10 Bo-12, and TCM functional neurology acupuncture learned from Xiaolan Centre Toronto, , as well as Two Feathers healing formula balance with Naturopathic medicine(s)!!! Made a mistake by taking olanzapine zyprexa, won't do that again while treating! (lithium based balancer of high Zn-1 Zinc based formulations-it opposed the p53 gene activator, which caused neutralization partially of panacur)...

Rating: 5 by Sari Grove on Aug 11, 2019

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