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Acute Care Supportive G.I. Powder - DISCONTINUED

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Acute Care Supportive G.I. Powder - DISCONTINUED

This product has been replaced by MedVant Acute GI Powder

  • Acute Care Paste and Supportive G.I. Powder are unique oral supplements suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, puppies, kittens and foals. They contain a prebiotic sugar called mannanoligosaccharide, probiotics, fungal and bacterial derived digestive enzymes and the B vitamins.
  • The main applications in veterinary medicine are for acute, sub-acute and chronic or recurrent diarrheas resulting from stress, bacterial contamination, dietary indiscretions, dysbiosis, as adjunct therapy in inflammatory bowel disease and general gut health.
  • Microencapsulated¬† micro-organisms. Compatible with Antibiotics.¬†

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