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Adaptil DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone

Type Electric Diffuser ONLY (refill sold separately) QTY. PRICE (CAD) $15.10
Type Refill (for diffuser), 48 mL QTY. PRICE (CAD) $25.69
Type Spray, 60 mL QTY. PRICE (CAD) $34.79
Type Collar SML-MED, necks up to 14.7" QTY. PRICE (CAD) $35.95
Type Collar MED-LRG, necks up to 24.6" QTY. PRICE (CAD) $35.95

ADAPTIL® contains D.A.P.® and is therefore recommended to help prevent and reduce stress-related behavior in puppies and adult dogs. ADAPTIL® also helps to make puppies and adult dogs more responsive to behavioral therapy and training.

Available products:

• Electric Diffuser (without refill)

• Refill (for diffuser), 48 mL

• Spray, 60 mL

• Collar SML-MED, for necks up to 14.7"

• Collar MED-LRG, for necks up to 24.6"