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BeOneBreed Treat Dispenser Dino Club for Cats

BeOneBreed Treat Dispenser Dino Club for Cats

Prevent boredom and bad behaviors in your cats. Give them these Be One Breed Dino Club Cat Treat Dispensers so they can hunt, catch and eat!

Keep your cat entertained and engaged with Be One Breed Dino Club Cat Treat Dispensers. Make boredom a thing of the past with these dispensers, which allow your cat to engage her natural hunting instincts, with the reward of a treat the end result.

Direction For Use:

Introducing the new feeders:

1. Start by breaking up your kibble into smaller pieces to make work easier.
2. Add treats to increase their motivation to hunt.

The hunting feeders:
1. Once the cat is familiar with the feeders - remove his bowl.
2. Split his kibble in all three dinos- hide them around the house.

3. Start easy - increase the difficulty of the hiding spots gradually. Let him hunt for his food.

Caution: Intended for cat only. Don't forget to remove the packaging before giving this product to your pet. This is not a child toy. This is not a chew toy. Toy selection should be bases on the size and habits of your cat. If wear or damage occurs the toy must be removed and replaced. Don't leave your cat without supervision with the toy.

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