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Breathalyser Plus Drinking Water Additive

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Breathalyser Plus Drinking Water Additive

BreathaLyser Plus is a veterinarian-formulated, pleasant-tasting oral care solution designed to help maintain oral hygiene and improve your pet’s bad breath. Simply add BreathaLyser Plus to your pet’s drinking water daily when brushing is not possible. Best overall oral health results when used in conjunction with direct application products such as BreathaLyser Toothpaste or BreathaLyser Gel.

Directions and Usage: Use BreathaLyser Plus-treated water on a daily basis for best results, and discard any treated water not consumed within 24 hours. Provide supplemental non-treated drinking water if required.

Shake before using. Light sedimentation is normal.

Store bottle at room temperature. Do not freeze.

Dogs and Cats: Add 10mL (approx. 2 capfuls or 2 tsp) of BreathaLyser Plus to 1 litre/quart of drinking water daily.

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