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Chondro-Flex DS Soft Chews

Chondro-Flex DS Soft Chews

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Chondro-Flex DS Soft Chews

  • Soft textured chews with natural meat flavors that dogs love.
  • High levels of Glucosamine HCI, Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM and Vitamin C in each soft chew.
  • Available in 60ct., 120ct., 240ct., soft chews

Chondro-Flex-DS Soft Chews are composed of a highly tasty, meat flavoured and soft textured, base that dogs eagerly accept over a prolonged period. Chondro-Flex-DS Soft Chews are readily digested and can be fed as a treat following or during a meal, even to ageing pets with dental problems.

Chondro-Flex-DS Soft Chews contain high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin for chrondroprotection and natural renewal of cartilage; also MSM, a source of bio-available sulphur. In addition Manganese Ascorbate is added to act as an anti-oxidant and neutralise free radicals.

Each chew contains the normally recommended amount of these ingredients for dogs weighing between 12 – 25 kg. A high degree of individual response has been noted with pets given joint nutrient supplements. It is normal to give a double amount of joint nutrients for the first six weeks of the program, reducing the amount thereafter. Normal caution should be observed in pets with a history of diabetes, metabolic disorders causing hyperglycaemia, urinary tract stones or allergies to shellfish.

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