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Emla Cream

DIN: 00886858

Emla Cream

  • Lidocaine/Prilocaine Cream is a combination of two different local anesthetics, and is often used to reduce pain before certain operations, like inserting an IV or other minor surgeries where a major anesthetic is not required. Lidocaine/prilocaine works by blocking the action potential of the treated area, making it impossible to communicate any sort of impulse to the brain, and thereby tricking it into thinking that nothing is happening, even though injections or incisions are being made.
  • Lidocaine, a local anesthetic of the amide class, has been used for many years by veterinarians in a variety of species and can be considered one of the most versatile local anesthetics because of its rapid onset of action and moderate duration of effect. Lidocaine can be administered intravenously, by infiltration, or topically. Topical application of various concentrations (0.5% to 4%) of lidocaine has been shown to have analgesic effects.
  • Lidocaine and prilocaine.
  • Lidocaine 2.5 % and prilocaine 2.5 % cream.
  • Nonmedicinal ingredients: Polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, carboxypolymethylene, sodium hydroxide to adjust pH to 8.7- 9.7.
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