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Equitop Pronutrin

Equitop Pronutrin

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Equitop Pronutrin Granules

The stomach is normally protected by mechanisms that maintain a fine balance to counteract the corrosive effects of the gastric acid needed to break down food.

This sensitive balance may be disturbed by physical or psychological stress or by improper feeding regimens. Equitop® Pronutrin® is a unique combination of pectin fibres, lecithin, and glycerol, which work to reinforce the lining of the stomach wall.

Pectin fibres: stabilize the protective secretion of mucus

Lecithin: prevents the increase of gastric acid and stabilizes the natural balance of the stomach mucous layer

Glycerol: enhances the effects of lecithin


Direction For Use:

Give orally 50 g of Equitop Pronutrin per 100 kg body weight daily for 2-4 weeks. This regime may be repeated if needed.

For Use in Horses Only.

Using the enclosed Pronutrin® graduated scoop, give orally:

Weight of horse Grams of Equitop Pronutrin given orally
300 kg

150 g

400 kg

200 g

500 kg

250 g


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