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Hilary's Blend Renal Recipes Cookbook

Hilary's Blend Renal Recipes Cookbook

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Hilary's Blend Renal Recipes Cookbook

This cookbook has 42 canine recipes and 33 feline recipes all developed to fit the specific needs of your pet dealing with any stage of kidney disease.  These recipes are formulated with various levels of fat, protein, calcium, phosphorus and potassium to support the nutritional needs of your pet. Recipes using novel proteins to create hypoallergenic diets are also available. The renal supplement that complements this cookbook specifically balances these renal recipes. The renal supplement has been specially formulated with no added phosphorus, it contains methionine, tryptophan, taurine, biotin, vitamin K and potassium citrate. All vitamin levels in this supplement have been adjusted for renal patients (higher levels of vitamin B, E, K, C).


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