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Healthy animals can eat and digest foods containing carbohydrates without a problem, since their body is able to convert them into glucose. Glucose is then absorbed into the bloodstream and then into the cells (with the help of the insulin hormone), where it is used for energy. When the body cannot use the glucose properly, the glucose levels get too high and the animals feel poorly. When the insulin level in the body is too low or does not work properly, then your pet is suffering from diabetes type 2. Diabetes type 1 is when the body does not produce insulin at all.This is why you should constantly monitor your’ pets glucose levels. If you do not want to submit them to the stressful process of blood testing, you can profit from a great alternative: Diastix. These dip sticks are used to test if your pets have sugar in their urine.

  • Reagent strips for monitoring of glucose and ketone bodies presence and concentration in urine.
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