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Monoject Insulin Syringes

Type U-40, 0.5 mL, 29G x 1/2", box of 100 syringes QTY. PRICE (CAD) * $24.80
Type U-40, 1 mL, 28G x 1/2", box of 100 syringes QTY. PRICE (CAD) * $24.55
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  • Red Cap U-40 Insulin Syringe.
  • Accu-Tip Flat Plunger Tip: Improves measurement on insulin draws and minimizes errors.
  • Precision Ground Anti-Coring, Tri Beveled Point: Produces a consistently sharp needle for more comfortable injections.
  • Rigid, Autoclavable, Polypropylene Hardpack or Soft Pack:  Protects against accidental product contamination; provides particulate-free package; autoclavability allows convenient use in hospital-prepared surgical packs.
  • Clear Barrel Construction and Bold Scale: Easy to read; fewer errors.
  • Low Dead Space in Permanent Needle Syringe: Minimizes waste of insulin.
  • Sterile: Ensures patient safety.