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NaturPet Intesti Care

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NaturPet Intesti Care

  • Intesti Care helps to support a healthy intestinal tract and supports digestion
  • Herbal, non-toxic alternative
  • No bitter taste to tip off picky cats

NOTE: Manufacturer printing error. NaturPet Intesti Care is 165 grams, not 25 oz. The container size is 25 oz. 

Direction For Use:

Cats and small dogs: 1 tsp daily
Medium to large dogs: (55lbs and up) 1 tbsp daily

Option 1: Wet or Dry Food
Sprinkle dose on pet’s food once a day. Mix in before serving.

Option 2: Dry Food
Dissolve in 1/4 cup of water then pour over food.

Option 3: Dry Food “One and Done Method”
This option will also deter insects that may attempt to get into your pet’s food supply. Take note the number of servings in the bag of dry food and add the appropriate number of doses to the bag of food. Shake to distribute evenly, or mix in a large storage bin. Intesti Care will absorb the scent of the food and become almost indistinguishable

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