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Nitro Ointment

Nitro Ointment

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Nitro Ointment

INDICATIONS: As an aid in the treatment of topical bacterial infections associated with some bacteria susceptible to nitrofurazone in horses.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Each gram contains 2 mg of nitrofurazone in a water soluble polyglycol base.

CAUTION: For deep wounds or body cavities, use only as directed by a veterinarian. If redness, irritation or swelling persists, consult a veterinarian.

Direction For Use:

Clean area with soap and water. Dry thoroughly. Apply ointment directly to affected area, or first place on a piece of gauze directly in contact with the affected area or use a bandage. Keep ointment in contact with the lesion for 12-24 hours. For a wet dressing, dilute with 2-3 parts of sterile water or saline, and apply several times daily.

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