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Program Monograph Tablets for Dogs


Program Tablets are indicated for use in the control of flea infestations on dogs and in their habitat. Program works by interrupting the flea life cycle, thereby preventing the build-up of flea infestations on dogs and in their surroundings. Program is indicated for use in dogs six weeks of age and older. Treatment should be initiated at least one month before the onset of the flea season and continued throughout the entire flea season to prevent the build up of a flea infestation. Program is also indicated for control of active mid-season flea infestations. However, in this situation, flea adulticides should be used concurrently at labelled rates for the first 6-8 weeks. This provides time for Program to impact flea population dynamics by interrupting the life cycle.

Weight of Dog Program (lufenuron)
Up to 4.5kg 1 Brown tablet (45mg)
4.6 - 9kg 1 Red tablet (90mg)
9 - 21kg 1 Yellow tablet (204.9 mg)
21 - 41kg 1 White tablet (409.8mg)