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Prozyme Enzyme Food Supplement for Cats, Dogs, Horses & Small Animals

Prozyme Enzyme Food Supplement is a unique, scientifically proven, all natural enzymatic food supplement. It provides the necessary digestive enzymes that are destroyed in the normal processing of canned and dry foods. The addition of Prozyme allows greater absorption of the important nutrients found in your pet’s food.

Prozyme is a combination of four highly concentrated and purified natural plant-derived enzymes (lipases, amylases, proteases, and cellulases). All ingredients are of human grade quality.

Prozyme is not a drug and will not interfere with any medication or therapy. In fact, Prozyme will enhance any therapy that your pet is presently receiving.

Prozyme is beneficial for all pets whether your pet is a dog, cat, bird, horse, rabbit, ferret, ostrich, or exotic pet.

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