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Prescription Drugs -  Frequently Asked Questions

Prescription drugs can only be shipped within Canada with a valid and current prescription from a Canadian veterinarian.
Products that require prescriptions for purchase will have this icon:  . During the check out process you will be prompted to choose one of the available options to provide us with your prescription. Once your prescription has been verified, your order will be released and dispatched for shipping. Please note that prescription items may not be in their original bottles / packaging as shown on their product page. Prescription medications will be contained in pharmacy bottles regardless of the quantity being ordered. 


All prescription drugs have a Pharmacy Dispensing Fee of $9.99 Per Medication, Per Strength (any quantity)
Example: An order with 1x Deramaxx 25 mg (90 tablets), 1x Felimazole 2.5 mg (100 tablets), 6x Felimazole 5.0 mg (100 tablets each = 600 tablets total) would be assessed three (3) $9.99 dispensing fees (the 6x Felimazole 5.0 mg would only be charged one dispensing fee), for a total of $29.97 in prescription dispensing fees.

Some long term medications may require repeat prescriptions. A prescription must state the exact number of repeats if it is intended for multiple orders. If the prescription simply states "Repeat" but does not specify how many times it can only be repeated once. Your repeat prescription will be added to your account and can be used until you have reached the total allowance.


Prescriptions are typically valid for 12 months from date of issue unless otherwise explicitly indicated otherwise by your veterinarian on the form. Prescriptions must be filled before the expiry in order to be valid. Prescriptions require the vet's name and contact, must be dated and have the vet's signature. If any of these are missing, contact your veterinarian to correct it; DO NOT WRITE ON A PRESCRIPTION YOURSELF as this will invalidate your prescription. We also provide a Prescription Form below that may be filled out by your veterinarian (see below) to ensure we have all relevant information.



New prescriptions can be submitted to us by veterinarians by mail or fax.  Prescriptions forms are available for download here. If you have an existing prescription with PetsDrugMart, please choose the existing prescription option and we will verify your prescription upon ordering.

Completing the prescription form:
1) Download and print out the PetsDrugMart prescription form. 
2) Fill out the top half of the form with your personal information and pet information.
3) Have your veterinarian fill out the bottom half of the form. Please ensure that it is dated and signed.
4) Have your veterinarian fax us the form at our toll-free number 1-866-462-3907.
5) Mail us the original prescription (no copies accepted) to the address below:   

          Pets Drug Mart
          Prescriptions Dept.
          1975 Avenue Road
          North York, ON M5M 4A3

All prescriptions will be verified for authenticity. It is an offence to forge or alter a prescription. PetsDrugMart has a zero tolerance policy and all cases of forgery will be reported to the Canadian Office of Controlled Substances.