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Digestive Health Products for Small Pets

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Acute Care Paste and Supportive G.I. Powder are unique oral supplements suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, puppies, kittens and foals.

$40.41 CAD

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A source of live naturally occurring microorganisms for dogs, cats and other small mammals. FOS & Probiotics.

$10.95 CAD

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Bene-Bac Plus is a palatable source of live naturally occurring digestive bacteria for dogs, cats, rabbits and exotic mammals that helps in times of stress such as antibiotic therapy, birth, weaning, worming or traveling.

$24.95 CAD

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Developed with the assistance of top exotics veterinarians and nutritionists, Critical Care is the industry standard in recovery nutrition for herbivores with poor nutritional status resulting from illness or surgery.

$26.42 - $65.27 CAD

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Oxbow's Natural Science Papaya Support is designed to support the digestive health of your pet. Premium ingredients include papaya and pineapple (natural sources of the active enzymes, papain and bromelain) and high fiber timothy

$14.70 CAD

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100% all-natural timothy hay. A house that can be eaten! Chemical, wire and thread free. Offers a secure hiding space for nervous pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits.

$33.85 - $42.85 CAD

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