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Aventi GI Essentials

Prebiotic & Probiotic nutritional supplement for dogs and cats.

$0.00 - $39.53 CAD $39.53 CAD
Aventi CP Canine Coprophagia

Canine coprophagia deterrent. Jar of powder with scoop. Easy to give: sprinkle on food. Feces become unattractive for consumption. Contains wheat and calcium glutamate.

$16.16 - $27.92 CAD
Aventi Synergy

Promotes comfort and enhances the quality of life in dogs and cats.

$44.09 CAD
Aventi Urinary Complete

The most comprehensive supplement available to help support dogs and cats with acute or recurrent lower urinary tract conditions.

$117.59 CAD
Max & Molly Beef Liver Powder

Great for encouraging the appetite of older or debilitated pets.

$9.95 CAD
Max & Molly Liver Treats

Max & Molly is an irresistibly tasty beef liver treat.

$12.60 - $40.95 CAD
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