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Aventi CP Canine Coprophagia

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Aventi CP Canine Coprophagia

Canine coprophagia deterrent. Jar of powder with scoop.

Easy to give: sprinkle on food.

Feces become unattractive for consumption.

Contains wheat and calcium glutamate.

Ideal for use as a behaviour deterrent, particularly for puppies over 2-3 mos. Also effective to help control reinfection during anti-parasitic treatments and intestinal parasite spread in a multi-dog household. Use over 15 day training periods, repeat as necessar

Direction For Use:

Using the small scoop provided, add Aventi CP to the food daily for at least 15 days:

Dogs Recommended dose
Under 10 kg

1/2 level scoop

10 - 20kg 1 level scoop
Over 20 kg 2 level scoops

Dry food can be moistened to allow powder to adhere to the kibbles. Usually one 15 day period is sufficient to curtail the behaviour, however this protocol can be repeated as required.

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