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Metacam Oral Suspension for Dogs
DIN: 02237715, 02237715, 02237715, 02237715
Health Canada 'Drug Schedule': Prescription

Only original prescriptions can be accepted. No copies.

Type 1.5 mg/mL, each 10 mL bottle QTY. PRICE (CAD) $18.45
Type 1.5 mg/mL, each 32 mL bottle QTY. PRICE (CAD) $42.28
Type 1.5 mg/mL, each 100 mL bottle QTY. PRICE (CAD) $98.75
Type 1.5 mg/mL, each 180 mL bottle QTY. PRICE (CAD) $145.57

Whether your patient is a dog suffering from osteoarthritis or a cat about to undergo orthopedic surgery, METACAM is the veterinary NSAID to have on hand. For over 15 years, METACAM has delivered safe, effective, and easy pain relief to dogs and cats around the world. 1.5 mg / mL oral suspension for dogs. METACAM relieves pain in dogs of all sizes…and yet it recognizes the very real distinctions between large and small breeds. That’s why METACAM Oral Suspension comes in two different concentrations—a lower one, suited for smaller dogs, and a higher one, that fits the needs of larger breeds. Its calibrated syringe delivery also makes it easy to adjust dosage to match your patient’s body weight. So whether your patient is big or small, METACAM offers the ideal fit for pain relief. Best of all, it can be given once daily, which provides a full 24 hours of relief.

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