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Adequan Equine Injection

$431.35 CAD
Banamine Injectable Solution 50 mg/mL

$45.94 - $110.25 CAD
Dormosedan Gel

$25.08 CAD
Dormosedan Vial

$129.36 - $349.85 CAD

$0.67 CAD
Doxycycline - Compound - Capsule

$0.73 - $0.80 CAD
FortiFlora Probiotic Supplement Chewable Tablets - Canine

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements FortiFlora Canine formula is the #1 recommend probiotic by Veterinarians. Recommended for dogs with soft stools.

$55.13 - $99.20 CAD
Ivermectin Liquid for Horses

Ivermectin Liquid for Horses has been formulated for administration by oral drench. One low-volume dose is effective against important internal parasites, including the arterial stages of Strongylus vulgaris, and bots

$11.95 - $364.66 CAD

$58.45 - $64.35 CAD
Ocu-Glo Vision Supplement - Powder Blend XL

Ocu-Glo Vision Supplement PB (Powder Blend) XL for Medium and Large Dogs to help maintain optimal ocular health in canines.

$114.62 CAD

$0.25 - $1.04 CAD

$1.58 CAD
Sabine & Gaspard Softy Hair leave-in Conditioner

This formula will facilitate detangling and eliminate static leaving a smoother and suppler coat.

$21.25 CAD
Stuffed Toys for Dogs - Snacks Series

All your favorite snacks in a plush form for your dogs so they can enjoy with you!

$9.50 CAD
Animora Cranberry Dental Gel

Cranberry Dental Gel improves oral health in dogs and cats by preventing bad breath and dental plaque buildup.

$11.32 - $21.89 CAD

$294.22 - $2,592.49 CAD
Angels Eyes Natural

Helps give your pets tear stain free eyes and a bright coat naturally

$35.60 CAD
Aventi GI Essentials

Prebiotic & Probiotic nutritional supplement for dogs and cats.

$23.72 - $39.53 CAD $39.53 CAD
Crocx Hemp Supplement for Healthy Animals

Fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, every bottle of hemp oil supplement is made pure right here in Canada.

$16.46 CAD
Crocx Pro Hemp Hairball Relief Paste

Helps prevent the formation of hairballs. Relieves constipation, dry cough and occasional vomiting associated.

$14.01 CAD
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