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Amlodipine - Compound - Suspension

This is an item that requires refrigeration and will be shipped out on Mondays or Tuesdays to avoid package being left at Canada Post depots over the weekend.

Only original prescriptions can be accepted. No copies.
Type 0.625mg/ml, 30ml QTY.
PRICE (CAD) * $35.39
Type 0.625mg/ml, 60ml QTY.
PRICE (CAD) * $38.00
Type 0.625mg/ml, 90ml QTY.
PRICE (CAD) * $48.25
Type 0.625mg/ml, 100ml QTY.
PRICE (CAD) * $47.52
Type 0.625mg/ml, 135ml QTY.
PRICE (CAD) * $44.67
Type 0.625mg/ml, 180ml QTY.
PRICE (CAD) * $55.15
Type 1mg/mL, 60mL QTY.
PRICE (CAD) * $36.25
Type 1.25mg/mL, 30 mL QTY.
PRICE (CAD) * $30.80
Type 1.25 mg/mL, 90 mL QTY.
PRICE (CAD) * $39.25
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Amlodipine - Compound - Suspension

The Beyond Use Date ("expiry date") for this product is 90 days and stored in a refrigerated environment.

PetsDrugMart only dispenses Health Canada approved prescription medication; and ships ONLY within Canada as long as a valid Canadian prescription has been provided with an order.