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Avena Sativa Oat Extract Ear Cleanser or Wipes

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Avena Sativa Oat Extract Ear Cleanser or Wipes

Avena Sativa All Natural Ear Cleaner is an ear cleaning solution containing Colloidal Oat Extracts. Avena Sativa Wipes are an all natural cleanser ideal for gently soothing and cleaning external ear canals, skin folds and areas with irritated skin. Avena Sativa gently cleans the ears of wax and debris while providing a soothing calm to dry, inflamed and/or irritated ears. With oat extract and ceramides. Alcohol-free. Gentle formulation for cats & dogs.

Ingredients: water, lactic acid, butylene glycol, oat extract, ceramides, malic acid.

Please Note: The Cleanser bottle design and size has changed from 250 mL to 200 mL.

Type Cleaning Wipes, 50 pk PRICE (CAD) * $8.82 SALE QTY.
Type Cleanser, 200 mL PRICE (CAD) * $8.82 SALE QTY.
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