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Baytril - Compound - Suspension

Only original prescriptions can be accepted. No copies.
Type 3mg / 0.5ml, 1ml QTY. PRICE (CAD) * $30.00
Type 3mg / 0.5mls, 5mls QTY. PRICE (CAD) * $32.00
Type 3 mg / 0.5 mL, 20 mL QTY. PRICE (CAD) * $45.76
Type 3mg /0.5mls, 45mls QTY. PRICE (CAD) * $52.00
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Baytril - Compound - Suspension

The Beyond Use Date ("expiry date") for this product is 14 days and stored in a refrigerated environment.
Caramel flavouring can be added upon request.

PetsDrugMart only dispenses Health Canada approved prescription medication; and ships ONLY within Canada as long as a valid Canadian prescription has been provided with an order.