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KONG Licks Spinz

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KONG Licks Spinz

KONG's Licks Spinz provides an engaging experience for furry friends with its rotating, textured pad designed to hold treats or paste. This interactive toy not only encourages pets to lick, triggering the release of happy hormones as they enjoy the experience, but also promotes dental health and fresh breath through its cleaning action. The double-sided pad offers two textures for added variety, along with two tracks of fun: "Twist & Bark" and "Somewhere O-Furr the Rainbow". Its removable feature makes cleaning hassle-free, while the non-skid base ensures stability during playtime.

Type Small , Purple - 6" PRICE (CAD) * $20.99 SALE QTY.
Type Large, Teal - 8" PRICE (CAD) * $23.99 SALE QTY.
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