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Zylkene Capsules

Type 75 mg ea, 30 capsules QTY.
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Type 225 mg ea, 30 capsules QTY.
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Type 450 mg ea, 30 capsules QTY.
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Reduce Stress In Pets With Zylkene Capsules

Promotes and enhances relax behavior in pets. Alpha-S1 Tryptic Casein* is an ingredient derived from a milk protein which has calming properties. Less stress. More joy. Life is good in the Zylkène® Zone. Help restore balance and harmony in your patients’ lives, naturally… with Zylkène®, an innovative, nutritional supplement you can trust to help reduce chronic and situational stress in dogs and cats, and increase their ability to cope with change.

• All-natural, non-sedating nutritional supplement.

• Zylkène® reduces the signs of stress, without any known side effects.

• Easy once-a-day administration. Make Zylkène® your product of choice for stressed pets. Combine with a behaviour modification program, for best results.


Directions For Use


Body Weight of Animal

Recommended Daily Dose

Zylkene, 75 mg

1 to 5 kg

1 capsule

5 to 10 kg

2 capsules

Zylkene, 225 mg

10 to 15 kg

1 capsule

15 to 30 kg

2 capsules

Zylkene, 450 mg

15 to 30 kg

1 capsule

30 to 60 kg

2 capsules