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Demand Fairness in Pet Medication Pricing

Thank you for supporting fair pricing in pet medications!

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs' (OMAFRA) consultation period has ended, but you can still participate by signing our petition. To learn more about our efforts to secure fair pricing for pet medications in Ontario, read on below or check out the articles covering us in Globe & Mail and CTV News.

Why are pet medications so expensive in Ontario?

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors are attempting to maintain veterinarian offices as the sole source of pet medications, not informing consumers of choice and the option of paying less for pet drugs.

As a result, most people believe veterinarian's offices are the only place to buy drugs for their pets - they aren't. You can get a veterinary prescription and have it dispensed at a pharmacy or a site like Pet medications are 20-98% less expensive through than from the vet's office. We want to keep pet medications accessible, less expensive, and readily available.

Is anyone doing anything about this?

Yes! Wendy Chui, the pharmacist who owns, has launched a complaint under the Competition Act regarding the pharmaceutical companies and their distributors, who want to squash competition and maintain high prices for pet medications. And as a result, consumers have very few choices - and end up paying more at the vet's office. Pets and pet-lovers deserve options, transparency, and the ability to source lower-cost pet medications to care for their animals.

Can I help?

Yes - voice your concern and advocate for lower costs and fair competition in pet medication. You can do this by contacting your local MPP and let them know you would like to see change in the Ontario Veterinary Act, voicing your opinion to OMAFRA directly, and by signing our petition!

How You Can Help:
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